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Taizhou Fenghua Packaging Container Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. The company is located in Hongan Industrial Zone, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. Its workshop area is more than 6,000 square meters, its own assets are 30 million yuan, and its annual production capacity is over 30 million yuan. It is a professional manufacturer of environmental-friendly food packaging plastic containers. The company draws lessons from international experience in environmental protection. The products are fully renewable and in line with the trend of sustainable development in the world, The products sell well both at home and abroad.

The products manufactured by the company are oriented by environmental protection, hygiene and safety, characterized by high quality, beauty and novelty. They are widely used in supermarkets, fast food, food processing and many other industries. With the theme of "Improving China's dietary culture", the market demand and development trend of food containers are constantly studied, and the products produced are on the market. The field and users are widely recognized and praised.

The materials used in the products produced by the company are mainly PP, PS, PET raw materials, which are used to produce all kinds of one-off high transparency, opalescent color printing cups series beverage cups, juice cups, pearl milk cups, bowls, lunch boxes, plastic fresh-keeping boxes and all kinds of specifications of disposable non-ironing hand-packing bowls. The materials are selected according to the conditions of food use. 。 At the same time, various sheets and containers can be designed and developed on behalf of users'requirements.

Fenghua Packaging Container is an enterprise that excels in quality, technology, environmental protection, safety and customer satisfaction and fulfills its responsibility of feedback.

The common vision of the enterprise is to form a strong life community through the participation and commitment of each employee, and to generate a tremendous centripetal force and sense of identity within the company, so that each employee can actively make "Fenghua" an enterprise that performs excellently in quality, technology, environmental protection, safety and customer satisfaction and fulfills its responsibility of feedback. A milestone forward.

Warmly welcome customers from all walks of life to discuss and choose.

Production workshop

Business Culture

Enterprise Purpose Quality and service go hand in hand, customers and enterprises win-win.

Corporate Objectives Your needs, our development goals.

Enterprise Spirit Integrity, pragmatism and innovation.

Product Concept The company insists on winning the market with quality, creating high-quality products with high-quality equipment, complete hardware equipment, production line, standardized management, and high-quality scientific and technological personnel to achieve high-quality products. Quality is very important for enterprises. We regard product quality as the life of enterprises. In the modern factory area, a clean and spacious production workshop has been built, and international advanced production equipment and production technology have been introduced to form the best assembly line.

Service Idea Adhering to the customer-centered business philosophy, the company establishes a perfect service system, wins wide praise and trust from customers with high-quality product quality and satisfactory after-sales service. At the same time, it has good strategic partnership with many enterprises, bringing the greatest benefits to partners and customers, and pays close attention to it wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly. To satisfy every customer and conquer the market with exquisite technical strength, quality and service are the eternal pursuit.
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